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What is “THIS” Keyword in AL ??

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Hello Readers,

Today we will discussed about “This” keyword In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the This keyword plays a crucial role in object-oriented and event-driven programming. It serves several important purposes that enhance the functionality and readability of the code. Here are the key aspects of the importance of the This keyword in Business Central:

1. Contextual Reference

The This keyword refers to the current instance of the object in which the code is executing. This provides a clear and unambiguous way to access the properties and methods of the current object, avoiding potential conflicts with other objects or global variables.

2. Method Invocation

When working within classes or methods, the This keyword allows developers to call other methods or access properties defined within the same object. This is especially useful in complex classes where methods frequently interact with each other.

3. Event Handling

In Business Central, events are a central part of extending and customizing the application. The This keyword is essential when subscribing to events because it ensures the correct object context is maintained. For example, when handling an event, This refers to the object that the event is related to, allowing the handler to access and manipulate the object’s properties and methods effectively.

4. Code Readability and Maintenance

Using the This keyword improves code readability by making it explicit that a method or property belongs to the current object. This clarity is particularly beneficial in large projects where multiple objects and methods are in use. It helps maintainers understand the code structure and logic more quickly.

5. Object-Oriented Programming Principles

The This keyword is fundamental to adhering to object-oriented programming (OOP) principles such as encapsulation and inheritance. By using This, developers ensure that their code respects the boundaries of the object, accessing only its own properties and methods unless explicitly intended otherwise.


This feature will come along with V24 of D365 Business Central 2024 Wave 2. If you are still on version or below, then move to Extension Side and Click on “Switch to pre Release Version” to upgrade it.

Here below we can see more details on “This” keyword.

Here below we can see that we have created two variables and when I am using this keyword. It refers to those variables which are declared in this current context.

Let’s try after assigning some values and calling some functions of another codeunits

Now let’s try to call the function of another codeunit. In this below way this keyword is taking reference of MyDemoCodeunit

Now let us explore the possibilities of this Keyword with Pages.

Note:  Till now this feature is available from Version 14 and Microsoft will release equivalent version of Business Central by End of August 2024. See the below screenshot for the same.

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