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Empowering businesses globally with cutting-edge IT and BPO services, leveraging our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, and comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing. Our diverse and flexible financial engagement models are tailored to address clients' needs. With project-based solutions ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness, time and material flexibility for dynamic resource allocation, and managed team integration fostering collaboration and continuity, we drive innovation and growth for industries worldwide


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Embrace Outsourcing to Scale Competitively


IT Solutions

Partnering with Madhda for IT outsourcing services ensures seamless project execution and enhanced productivity. Our Microsoft certified expert team with flexible engagement models tailored to your specific needs in Microsoft Business Central, Finance, Customer Engagement, and Power Platforms. With our deep expertise and experience in these technologies, clients benefit from efficient project delivery, cost-effective solutions, and access to a dedicated team of skilled professionals who are committed to driving innovation and achieving business objectives.


BPO Solutions

Entrusting your accounting and bookkeeping tasks to Madhda’s BPO services guarantees precision and reliability. We go beyond traditional outsourcing by providing access to certified CPAs through dedicated team engagements, ensuring compliance and accuracy in financial processes. Clients experience streamlined operations, reduced overhead costs, and peace of mind knowing that their financial functions are handled by qualified professionals. With Madhda, you gain a strategic partner dedicated to optimizing your business processes and enabling focus on core competencies.

Our Engagement Models

Project Based


Time & Material


Dedicated Team


Project Based

This engagement model is ideal for clients with well-defined project scopes and clear deliverables. It offers a structured approach to project management, with predefined timelines and budgets, ensuring that milestones are met efficiently. With a focus on transparency and accountability, this model encourages close collaboration between our team and yours, facilitating effective communication and alignment of goals. By providing a clear roadmap from initiation to completion, the project-based approach minimizes risks and uncertainties, enabling both parties to achieve success within the agreed-upon parameters.

Time and Material

Offering a high degree of flexibility, the time and material model allows for dynamic resource allocation based on project needs. This model is particularly suitable for projects with evolving requirements or uncertain scopes, as it enables adjustments to be made in real-time without disrupting workflow. By billing based on actual hours worked and materials used, clients have greater control over costs and can prioritize tasks based on their strategic importance. Additionally, the transparent nature of this model fosters trust and collaboration between our team and yours, leading to more effective project outcomes and enhanced satisfaction.

Managed Team IT and BPO

With the managed team model, clients gain access to dedicated teams of skilled professionals who are fully integrated into their organization. This model goes beyond traditional outsourcing by fostering a deep understanding of your business objectives and culture, allowing our team to function as an extension of your own. By working closely with your internal stakeholders, we ensure seamless coordination and alignment across IT and BPO functions, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the continuity and stability provided by a dedicated team contribute to long-term success, as they become familiar with your processes, systems, and industry nuances, enabling them to anticipate needs and proactively address challenges.

Madhdas’ Compentency Values

1Clean Communication
Clean Communication

We prioritize concise communication to ensure seamless understanding between our team and clients, fostering trust and efficiency.


We believe in openness and honesty in all aspects of our operations, providing clients with complete visibility into our processes, progress, and decisions, empowering informed collaboration and trust-building.

3Certified Consultants
Certified Consultants

Our team comprises certified experts with specialized skills and industry-recognized certifications, ensuring the highest quality of service delivery and solution implementation for our clients' IT needs.

4Culturally Fit Team
Culturally Fit Team

We assemble a culturally diverse and inclusive team that resonates with the values and ethos of our clients, facilitating effective collaboration and understanding across geographical and cultural boundaries.

5Global Time Overlap
Global Time Overlap

We strategically coordinate work schedules to ensure optimal overlap between our team and clients' time zones, facilitating real-time communication and swift issue resolution.

6Flexible Engagement
Flexible Engagement

We offer engagement models tailored to the unique requirements and preferences of our clients, enabling scalable and adaptable IT solutions that evolve with their business needs.


Why Choose MADHDA


Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, we guarantee the delivery of tailored business solutions, employing agile methodologies, industry-standard practices, and cutting-edge embedded strategies.


Proficient Team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are certified by Microsoft and are industry experts with extensive experience in implementing Dynamics 365 solutions.


Dedicated Support

We’ve developed a dedicated support model designed to ensure our clients maintain seamless continuity throughout their processes. This model spans from the initial planning and analysis phase all the way through end-user training and post-implementation support.


Competitive Pricing

Our tailored and top-tier implementations are available at a 40% discounted rate compared to alternative Microsoft implementation partners.


Custom Configured

Based on your existing workflow and in line with your business objectives, we can develop customized solutions tailored to your specific domains, enhancing the effectiveness of your revenue-generating initiatives.


Flexible Delivery

We prioritize your project and recognize your time constraints, ensuring timely delivery in accordance with committed deadlines.

Your Partner in Innovation & Efficiency

Leverage the benefits of Outsourcing to stay ahead of the competition and innovate efficiently. Scale your teams with our certified consultants.


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