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Pravin Dangar
Pravin Dangar

About Author

Pravin Dangar, MADHDA’s Founder, pioneers IT/ERP-driven digital transformation, optimizing business operations and innovation across industries. With a distinguished career deeply rooted in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and digital technologies, Pravin has become a pivotal figure in modernizing business operations for the digital age. His expertise lies in seamlessly integrating technology with business goals to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and foster innovation across diverse industries.

Pravin’s approach is characterized by a strategic alignment of technology initiatives with organizational objectives, leveraging the power of ERP systems to streamline operations and boost efficiency. His commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements and industry trends has established him as a thought leader in digital transformation. Having worked as a Solution Architect & Advisor for significant projects involving Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, alongside partners like Capgemini, Sikich, DXC Technology, and indirectly with Microsoft, Pravin has been instrumental in guiding companies through upgrades, implementations, integrations, and development of add-ons, showcasing his profound impact on the digital transformation journey of numerous organizations.