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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power
Virtual Agents

Combine low-code and pro-code bot development into a single canvas with Power Virtual Agents. This platform allows you to create and deploy intelligent conversational bots that can quickly respond to the needs of employees and customers, all at scale.

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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
Key Features


Streamlined Integration

Registering, creating, and embedding a bot on your website is a breeze with just a few clicks. There's no need to manage complex systems or infrastructure.


Automate Queries

With Power Virtual Agent, you can automate the most common queries using a chatbot.


Low-Code Approach

Empower your team to create intelligent bots without the need for intermediaries, coding, or AI expertise. Bots can enhance engagement and boost the efficiency of your sales team.


Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience by leveraging personalized bot conversations to enable self-help for customers, swiftly resolving their issues.

What Is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Power Agents offer a solution for faster engagement with employees and customers, providing ultra-modern, AI-powered bots that streamline human-tech interactions. With a low-code approach and UI-based app development, Power Agents simplify and automate communication within the organization and with customers. This helps in gaining deeper insights into employees and customers, facilitating the resolution of complex issues requiring detailed conversations.

Technical Specifications

Agile Bot Creation

Accelerate the development of robust bots using automation, AI Builder, and a collaborative low-code graphical interface. No coding experience or training is required. Create, test, and publish your intelligent bots easily and quickly.

Compliance and Governance

Ensure compliance and governance by deploying bots with central administration, built-in security roles, and straightforward management across environments.

Instant Actions Everywhere

Engage with your customers and employees in multiple languages across various channels such as websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, and more, supported by Azure Bot Framework. This enables you to better understand their needs and preferences.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Utilize self-learning AI powered by natural language processing (NLP) to automatically track critical KPIs and identify potential bot topics.


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