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Microsoft Dynamics Business central

Enhancing Microsoft Teams with Business Central Integration

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Hello Readers,

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can significantly enhance communication and collaboration within your organization. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Teams Integration App: Microsoft provides an app for integrating Teams with Business Central. This app allows you to access Business Central data directly within Teams, enabling users to stay within their familiar Teams interface while working with Business Central.
  2. Chat Integration: With the integration, users can initiate chats related to Business Central records directly from within the application. This allows for quick communication regarding specific transactions or records without leaving the context of the task at hand.
  3. Notifications: Users can receive notifications within Teams for important events or updates in Business Central. For instance, they can be notified when a purchase order is approved or when a sales order is fulfilled.
  4. Meetings and Collaboration: Teams integration enables users to schedule meetings related to Business Central records and collaborate on them seamlessly within the Teams environment. This can include discussions, document sharing, and real-time collaboration on data.

To Setup Teams in Business Central we need to follow quick steps. Move to “Assisted Setup” by searching in Global Search




Once done then Move to the MS Teams App and click on App as highlighted in below screenshot. And search for Business Central.

Now select the Business Central App and Click on Add. And while adding this app system will ask for the credentials for Business Central. You should have Business Central license into your same account from you are accessing MS Teams. Once you provide correct credentials then BC App will be added successfully as can be seen in the below screenshot.


Now Let’s start using App into Teams and here in below screenshot we can see that there is option through which we can use Business Central App. We can add this App into any Team or in a Chat.

Once we will add the the App into Chat, Then we have to select the configuration like Environment, Company and the Tab contents.

In Tab Content we will select that which kind of data we want to see in Tab Content.

Once we will select proper configuration then we will click on Save.


In Tab content we can use Bank Account, Customer, Vendor, Balance, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice and many more. Apart from this we can configure another page as well by  clicking “Paste a business Central Link instead”. Here we can add only Card and List Page. At this moment the system doesn’t support other pages.


If we want to share contact Card. So this is how we can share that as well.

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