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Benefits of using “SetAutoCalcFields” over “CalcFields” in Business Central.

Benefits of using “SetAutoCalcFields” over “CalcFields” in Business Central.

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, both “SetAutoCalcFields” and “CalcFields” are methods used to perform calculations in fields. However, “SetAutoCalcFields” offers distinct advantages over “CalcFields.”

“SetAutoCalcFields” automates the calculation process by defining dependencies between fields. This means that when a field’s value changes, Business Central automatically recalculates dependent fields without needing explicit triggers. This automation reduces the risk of errors and ensures consistency across the application. Additionally, it improves performance by only recalculating necessary fields, rather than recalculating all fields every time a change occurs.

Today In this blog we will discuss how much can be useful if we use SetAutoCalcFields over CalcField. Both functions has its own characteristics. But if we are processing a huge amount of data in such situations its recommended to use SetAutoCalcFields. Lets discuss about both functions.



Calculates the FlowFields in a record. You specify which fields to calculate by using parameters.

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Sets the FlowFields that you specify to be automatically calculated when the record is retrieved from the database.

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Now let’s understand the same by adding some line of Code in 2 separate codeunits.

Step 1

In the first code I have used Calcfield to calculate the value of flowfield as you can see in the below screenshot.


Step 2

And in another codeunit I have SetAutoCalcFields as you can see in the below screenshot.


Step 3

Once done with code then we have configured both Codeunits into two Job Queues. Later we have ran the Job Queues one by one and here below are the results.


Hence, it’s proved that SetAutoCalcFields function is more beneficial when we are processing huge number of records. It will decrease the processing time of any operation.

“In summary, the choice between SetAutoCalcFields and CalcFields depends on factors such as the complexity of the data model, performance requirements, and the level of control needed over calculations. SetAutoCalcFields simplifies development and maintenance, offers better scalability, and can improve performance in many scenarios. However, CalcFields provides more explicit control over calculations and may be preferred in certain situations where precise control is necessary.”


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