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Error “The server has rejected the client credential” in Business Central.


Encountering the error “The server has rejected the client credential” in Business Central typically indicates an authentication issue between the client and server. This error may arise due to various reasons, such as incorrect client credentials, expired or revoked access tokens, misconfigured authentication settings, or connectivity issues between the client and server.

So, here below you may notice that we have created an App in Azure Portal to access Business Central API in Postman using OAuth. We have configured all the necessary Authentication details in postman still faced mentioned error.

Now we will learn how to resolve this error as its requires some important process to be followed, in order to resolve the issue.

Step 1

Firstly, open the Registered App in Azure Portal. As you can see we have created App named “Business Central API OAuth”. In Overview section click on “Managed application in local directory.

Step 2

Now, in Users and groups section, select your user name to which you need to grant the Default Access.

Step 3

Once done, open the selected user and go to the “Assigned Roles” section.

Step 4

Click on “Add Assignments” section to add assign another role to the selected user.


Step 5

Now, search for role named “Dynamics 365 Business Central Administrator” and select it to assign the same.


Step 6

Now, the Azure portal part is completed. We need to open Business Central window and search for “Microsoft Entra Applications”.


Step 7

Now, create new application and add necessary details as shown below.


Step 8

After completion of all the steps you will able to access the data in postman without any error.


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