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How to Create Sound Alerts in Business Central?

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Creating sound alerts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central involves some customization, as the standard system does not provide direct support for sound notifications. You can achieve this by using JavaScript with AL code in Business Central to trigger sound alerts in the web client.

Most of us have preferences for different sound-based notifications that are helpful and significant in differentiating notifications or pop-up messages and errors.

Step: 1

First We Use This JavaScript for sound alerts now save File with (.JS) extension. Now we will use Controladdin.

What is controladdin ?

The control add-in object allows you to add custom functionality to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Step: 2

Create On Producer and that producer we call Controladdin [CreateSound].

There are list of properties will be use in controladdin code which are in below table.

Property Use
HorizontalShrink HorizontalShrink specifies that the control add-in can be made smaller horizontally.
HorizontalStretch HorizontalStretch specifies that the control add-in can be made larger horizontally.
MinimumHeight Specifies the minimum height that the control add-in can be shrunk to.
MinimumWidth Specifies the minimum width that the control add-in can be shrunk to.
RequestedHeight RequestedHeight specifies the initial height of the control add-in.
RequestedWidth RequestedWidth specifies the initial width of the control add-in.
VerticalShrink VerticalShrink specifies that the control add-in can be made smaller vertically.
VerticalStretch VerticalStretch specifies that the control add-in can be made larger vertically.
Scripts The scripts could be local files in the package or references to external files using the http or the https protocol.


Step: 3

Now, Create One PageExt here we have Extended “Sales Order” table. Use Usercontrol to call procedure “Create Sound”.

Create one action “Play Sound” which will show on extended page.


Step: 4

Let’s Publish it and see the output in Business Central. Click on action and you will meet a sound:

Hopefully this will help to all of you use of Sound Alerts In Business Central.

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