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Microsoft Dynamics Business central

Creating and Testing a Test Codeunit in Business Central.


Creating and testing a Test Codeunit in AL for Dynamics 365 Business Central involves several steps. Test Codeunits are used to automate the testing of your application to ensure it functions correctly.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create and test a Test Codeunit:

Step 1

Test codeunit : Test codeunits are codeunitsthat have subtype property set to “Test”. This test methods are created inside the Test codeunit.

Step 2

We create the “Test codeunit”, as normal codeunit but define as subtype to Test and the method which we want to test using “Test tool” as created by adding [test] in before the method.

Step 3

To test the Test codeunit, we need to type, “Test tool” in “Tell me” option, then following window will be opened.

Step 4

To get the list of codeunits , select the “Get Test codeunits” action, it will display the following window.

Step 5

If we select, “All test codeunits” it will display all the test codeunits present or if we select the “ Select Test codeunits” it display a list of the “Test codeunits” as below.

Step 6

In the above list, we have created 50100, 50102 and 50113 test codeunits.

Step 7

Select the codeunit which we want to run.

Step 8

After selecting the codeunit. Then following window will be displayed.

Step 9

Select “run “ action to run the test codeunit. If the result, is success then displays a success result or else failure result along with error in “First error” column.


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