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Microsoft Dynamics Business central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Send Emails to all Suppliers and Subcontractors: D365 Business Central.


In the D 365 Business Central, Sending emails to all suppliers and subcontractors can be achieved through various methods depending on the specific requirements and configurations of your organization. One approach involves leveraging Business Central’s built-in email functionality, which allows you to generate and send emails directly from within the application. You can use filters or queries to identify all suppliers and subcontractors within the system and then use the Email functionality to compose and send emails to these contacts in bulk.

Sending emails to all suppliers and subcontractors can be achieved through the use of the integrated email functionality. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1). Go to Vendor List Page and then “Actions” on the header ribbon bar and click on the “Send Email” action.

2). After that one window will open to write the email. Over here by clicking on “” on the right and side you can select the “To” mail address” and in CC you can add another email address.

3). To select the multiple vendors, please click on “” and over there the “Suggested Email Addresses” page will open. Where Select “Vendors” from “Full Address Lists”

4). After Clicking on “Vendor” the vendor list page will open. Where you can select more vendors.

5). Once you selected the multiple vendors, in To or CC all selected vendor’s mail addresses will be visible:


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