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Microsoft Dynamics Business central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Designing and Rendering Report Layouts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Configure Business Central Container in Docker. 01

In Business Central, rendering layouts refer to the process of defining and generating the visual presentation of reports and documents. This involves designing how the information will be displayed when a report is printed or viewed, ensuring it meets specific business requirements and aesthetics.

  • With the new preview version of Business Central (BC20), a new report feature is introduced.
  • This feature allows to have multiple layouts for the same report.
  • A new section called ‘rendering’ can be added now to the report. Below is the screenshot

  • When we compile the solution, two new files are created i.e., one rdl and one word file.
  • When ‘rendering’ section is used, need to define one property called ‘DefaultRenderingLayout’ as below:

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