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How to Resolve error for “Amount must be Negative/positive in General Journal line journal template name = ’General’ , journal batch name = ‘xxxx’ , line no. = ‘x0000’  “

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In D 365 Business Central, when you are entering journal lines in the General Journal, the “Amount” field must be specified as either negative or positive based on the type of transaction you are recording.

The error message “Amount must be Negative/positive in General Journal line journal template name = ‘General’, journal batch name = ‘xxxx’, line no. = ‘x0000’” in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central typically indicates an issue with the way the amount has been entered on the specified journal line. This error usually arises because Business Central requires the amounts to be specified correctly according to the account type and the nature of the transaction (debit or credit).

This problem occurs in the General Journals, Payment Journals and Cash Receipts Journals that manage receipts and payments for customers and vendors.

For example, on the Payment Journals page, you can record payments that you make to vendors.

But if the Document Type is Payment, Account Type is Vendor, and Amount is Negative, an error will be displayed when posting.

Because You are paying a vendor, your bank amount goes down and your vendor amount goes up. So, if your Account Type is a vendor and Document Type is Payment, you should enter a positive amount.

The next question is how to handle refunds from vendors?
At this time, just select Refund in Document Type. then you can post a negative amount for vendors.

Account Type Document Type Amount
Customer Payment Negative
Customer Refund Positive
Vendor Payment Positive
vendor Refund Negative

The process is the same for customer collections.

The above discussion is based on the Account Type being the customer or vendor. If the Account Type is the bank account and the Balance Account Type is the customer or vendor, it is the opposite of the above table.


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